Early Motherhood

There are few things more beautiful than the journey into motherhood. It is something to be celebrated and cherished. For alot of women, it is something they also want documented. A simple way to turn back time to where it all began. That is where I come in, if we haven't met, Hi! I'm Alex and I am a Southern California based photograpgher specializing in maternity photography.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule My Maternity Shoot?

I always recommend the 34-36 week mark! If that if not attainable for you, I would still shoot for your thrid trimester. I do however recommend booking your session upto 3 months in advance.

Choosing Your Location

Location for maternity sessions is a key part when booking as it will set the tone for your photos! Whether you are wanting something intimate at home or something immersing you outside in nature, take the time to decide a place that is special and holds meaning to you and your growing family. If you have any limitations during your pregnancy, be sure to tell your photographer prior to your session and to choose a location that will work for you. If choosing to have an outdoor session, make sure to take seasons into account. Summer will yield longer days and more light but also more tourists. Fall and Winter may have colder tempatures but less crowds. Spring will boast wildflower covered fields and fresh green grass.

Choosing Your Outfit

Aside from choosing a location, outfits will be the most important part. Neutrals will forever be my favorite for a maternity shoot. There is something about a flowy white dress or a cream button down exposing your growing bump that will is so classic and timeless. You want to make sure whatever outfit you choose, it is something you feel confident and comfortable in. Pinterest can be a wonderful resource for inspiration. I remind my clients that you want your growing bump to remain the main focus, too many patterns or bright colors can easily become distracting in photos. Textures such as linen, lace and knits always add a soft touch to maternity photos and shoot well.

Should I Add A Some Nude Shots?

This is one of the number one questions I receive from clients booking maternity sessions and the answer is IT IS COMPLETELY UPTO YOU! If documenting the changes in your body is something you want to remember I highly recommend considering it! When shot correctly, it can be done in such a tasteful and elegant way. Motherhood is such an intimate and vulnerble journey so why not document the real and raw parts of it if it is important to you! Showing more skin or less skin should always be the decision of the client.

Should I Do A Solo Session or Include My Partner?

This is another question I often receive, why not do both! A majority of my sessions are solo with the mother but if you are on the fence about including your partner, I think adding them into part of your session should be a priority! You do not want to look back and have regrets, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Other Tips

  • Pamper yourself!! If being pregnant isn't enough of a reason, portraits are an investment. Getting your hair and makeup done can be just one more way to help you feel even more beautiful and confident!

  • Get a manicure, maternity shoots often consist of alot of photos holding your bump, so you want to have your nails and hands looking their best!

  • If planning on showing your belly or any skin, make sure to moistureize before your session.

  • Wear loose clothing prior to your shoot, tight clothing will leave marks on the skin and we don't want those showing up in photos!

  • Share your vision with your photographer, mood boards on Pinterest are an easy way to share your inspiration at the click of a button!

  • Get plenty of rest the day before and make sure to keep hydrated and your blood sugar where it should be.

I hope this post helped answer some common questions! If you are interested in booking a session with me, please use the contact form for all inquiries!